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With a love of narrative that spans everything from costume creation to large environments, I am a highly versatile artist, able to work in numerous styles across multiple genres. I have over 10 years experience in the games industry, many as a senior or lead artist who was capable of both managing and directing other artists .

Currently, I am freelancing from the UK. My schedule is often fairly busy, though I am open to offers of work. Please respect that I charge professional rates and may not be able to take work on.

Previously I was Lead Concept Artist for Playground Games on their RPG team. I have also worked for studios including, Atomhawk,  Jagex,  Bizarre Creations and Fullfat Games. My illustrative clients include Blizzard, Dark Horse, Critical Role, MyNet, Fantasy Flight Games, Transhuman Studios and Imagine FX. 

My spare time is mostly taken up with bringing my high fantasy project, The Whaler Girl, to life through both art and writing. When not creating, Iā€™m likely working through my never-ending backlog of video games.